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It's not rowing night, it's shagging night!..

The Alan Davies Community
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Welcome to Livejournal's first community for British comedian Alan Davies, star of UK standup and popular TV drama 'Jonathan Creek'. Please feel free to join in, talk about things Alan has done, etc.
I'd like to say now that I am in no way affiliated with Alan Davies, his agent, or anyone close to him. I have unfortunatley never had the opportunity to see him perform live, (where I would probably have the courage to shout at the end, 'gebback ye!', but I haven't) and so I have never spoken to him. Boo hoo me. He's got no idea about this community, or probably no idea of Livejournal whatsoever. (But hey, if you're reading this Alan, do us a favour and join in! and send me that autograph for christssakes..)


Love your moderator, alliexrose <3

Alan Links

jonathancreek. YOU SHOULD ALL GO JOIN because. Well. JONATHAN CREEK!! :D Plus there's usually some sort of Rik Mayall fangirling from me in any comment I make. I gotta stop that..

The BBC's prfile of Alan

The Official BBC 'QI' homepage

The Official BBC 'Jonathan Creek' homepage

The unofficial site for fans of Alan Davies

'StandupCom's interview with Alan Davies

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..And just because I found the "scene description" amusing, CNDB's 'Nude Filmography'..